Monday, September 17, 2012

A Visit With Missionaries

Yesterday evening my wife and I had six missionaries over for dinner and a fireside.  These young men were from Utah, Idaho, Arkansas, Alaska, and Mexico.  Tomorrow is their transfer day and some of them will be moving away.  

Three months ago I had a conversation with the Elder from Mexico and felt moved to have them over to our place to talk with them about the gospel.  I extended the invitation to him at that time, but never heard back from the Elder until just a few days ago.  He explained that he and some other missionaries wanted to come over for the fireside.    

Since that initial conversation three months ago, all of the other five Elders have moved to other locations and others have replaced them here.  Since this Elder from Mexico is moving away tomorrow it seems he wanted to take me up on my offer before leaving.  He enticed five others to come with the promise of dinner.  I really don't think they knew why they were coming, but I think it was according to the Lord's will that it happened to be this group of missionaries.  

After dinner, I asked if I could share some thoughts with them about the gospel.  They all agreed.  For about 45 minutes I was able to talk about not trusting in the arm of flesh, seeking for true messengers, the search for truth, the information age, the challenges they would face when they return from their mission, the condemnation under which we labor for taking the Book of Mormon lightly, and repentance.  They seemed interested.  

To my delight, four of the six stuck around to hear more after two left for another appointment.  Then two more left for an appointment, and the last two stayed for another 30 minutes discussing the gospel and asking questions.  Overall, it was a terrific evening.

I was pleased at their interest in the gospel.  These guys are studying the gospel every morning and have more questions than they've ever had before.  They listened well, took notes, and learned.  My heart took courage.  Some of them might have actually been interested in looking into our discussion a bit further after they left.  

I was grateful to meet with young men who are sacrificing a portion of their lives to preach the gospel.  They are working hard and the Spirit is working with them as they serve God's children.    

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