Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Discourse From Brigham Young

I found the following reading through Wilford Woodruff's journals looking for something else:

"[July] 28 Sunday...President Young Preached one of the most interesting discourses ever Delivered to the people.  It was a sermon of sermons.  Contained much interesting doctrin, Revelation & principle.  He said the Lord would not permit him nor any other man to lead this people astray.  If the leaders were to do wrong the Lord would take them away.  If an Apostle did not magnify his Calling the Lord would remove him & not permit him to lead the people astray.  But I shall not apostatize.  You need not any of you look for that for I had the promise long ago that I should not do that.  Neither shall I go to hell" (Staker, Waiting for World's End, p. 262-63; journal entry for 28 July 1861).

This discourse had a lasting impact on Wilford Woodruff.

Brigham Young also said he had never given any sermon to the latter-day Saints but what they could call scripture (JD 13:95).

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