Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Day of the Lord of Hosts Soon Cometh Upon All Nations

Many are seeking the approval of men and not of God.
Some feel righteous because of their acceptance and good standing before men.  They will be brought low unless they repent.

There are yet others who feel unworthy because they are less popular and not involved in the leadership circles of the church.  They feel unimportant because they feel unnoticed by men.  They will be brought lower unless they repent of their pride and idolatry.

We must feel after the God of Heaven, and not men.  Cease from man, whose breath is in his nostrils.  Cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of flesh.  For men trust in vanity, and speak lies - even Israel.  The Lord has plainly taught us this (Isa 59:1-4; 2 Ne 12:11-22; 28:31-32).


  1. This message is much needed. I first look at myself, and see that it fits, and hits the Mark. There may be others that its needed by, but it hit the mark here.
    I am grateful for any message from God. When I read this, I felt the truth of it, and I thank God for it.
    I used to look at the messenger, and thought by making sure it was a "valid" source that I could be sure. No longer. I look to the Spirit,and trust the Lord, and not some authority of Man.

    Thanks again for writing this.


    1. Absolutely, Brian. The Spirit speaks through whom it will. It is up to us to discern truth when it is spoken. To rely on a position or on someone's reputation could be disastrous. (It is my opinion that if people rely heavily on even a true prophet that the Lord will allow/have that prophet teach something untrue so that the people will learn not to trust in the arm of flesh, but in God only.)